About the Eagle Outside Festival

Just 20-some minutes west of Vail where the Rockies sweep down to join Colorado’s Western Slope, Eagle is known as a secret stash for mountain bikers. Appearing on the national radar screen just a few short years ago as it launched its unique Singletrack Sidewalks program, Eagle has quietly, yet authoritatively asserted itself as as “the next, best place to live”.

Launched over 10 years ago, the Eagle Outside Festival was created to showcase Eagle’s great weather, fantastic dining, a rapidly maturing craft brewing scene and best of all, its sprawling trail network. The trails are the star of the show at our event. Spanning three different climate zones (from high desert to high alpine and everything in between,) they’re also accessible from just about anywhere in town.

The centerpieces of our festival are the free consumer demo and the insanely sweet Firebird XC race on one of the fastest purpose built cross country courses anywhere. The demo attracts the bike industry’s best brands and the racing is top-notch. As an extra bonus, attendees can enjoy The Bonfire Block Party, a downtown throwdown of a street party with national touring musicians, great craft beer and more in a unique downotown venue. There’s a little something for everyone here in Eagle the weekend of June 1-3, so think about heading our way for your riding, racing and music-loving fix!



XC Schedule

Friday, June 1

  • 5pm-8pm – Registration & Packet Pickup – Addison Building, 1185 Capitol St, Eagle, CO 81631
  • 4pm-11pm – Bonfire Block Party – Broadway St. – Get all the info about the blockparty and buy tickets at www.bonfireblockparty.com.
  • 6pm – PRANA and SMITH pre-sale. This is a ticketed event with a $10 charge at the door. Entry to sale on Sat and Sun is free.
  • 6pm-9pm – Demo Load In – permanent vendors

Saturday, June 2


  • 7am-9am Demo Load In REGISTER
  • 7am-5pm: Race and Demo Registration Open at the Addison Building
  • 9am-5pm Expo/Demo Hours
  • 5pm-6pm Demo Load Out (temporary vendors)


  • 7am Registration Opens – Addison Building, 1185 Capitol St, Eagle, CO 81631
  • 10am – Firebird XC SHORT COURSE
  • 10:30am – Firebird XC MEDIUM COURSE
  • 11:30am – Firebird XC LONG COURSE
    • on site registration for all races ends 30 minutes prior to race start
    • REGISTER for ALL categories
  • 1:30pm Firebird XC Awards – DUSTY BOOT back deck


  • 9am-5pm Consumer DEMO/EXPO
  • 9am-5pm PrAna Sample Sale – Addison Building, Capitol St.
  • 10:15am-12:30pm VVASA Kids Ride, ages 7-12. Meet at grass spot on the corner of Capitol and Sylvan Lake Rd.
  • 11:00am Strider Race #1, corner of Capital and Founder’s Avenue
  • 2pm – Strider Race #2, corner of Capital and Founder’s Avenue
  • 4pm-11pm – Bonfire Block Party – Broadway St. – Get all the info about the blockparty and buy tickets at www.bonfireblockparty.com.

Sunday, June 3


  • 7am-9am Demo Load In
  • 9am-5pm Expo/Demo Hours
  • 5pm-6pm Demo Load Out – temporary vendors


  • 7am Registration/Packet Pickup Opens, Addison Building – Capitol St.
  • 11am: Milk & Cookies Run, race starts at Luigi’s
  • 11:45: The Beer Mile, race starts at Luigi’s REGISTER


  • 9am-4pm Consumer DEMO/EXPO
  • 9:30am Yoga in the Park – Town Park
  • 9:30am Fishing Derby – meet at the fishin’ hole, just a rock’s throw from the back deck of The Dusty Boot. Free poles for the first 100 kids! 12 and under ONLY, please.
  • 11am Strider Race #3, corner of Capital and Founder’s Avenue
  • 1pm Strider Race #4, corner of Capital and Founder’s Avenue
  • 2:00pm CHROMOLY CHEF – Capitol St.

The Gear Demo

The best bike and outdoor brands in the US all converge on Eagle each year for the Eagle Outside Festival’s kiggass bike and gear demo. Free to consumers, the demo attracts the best brands in the world and allows eager riders itching to pull the trigger on a new ride the change to throw a leg over their top choices.

With countless options for 60-minute mini-epics within rock chucking distance from the event venue, there’s enough time to ride them all! Don’t know where you’re going? We’ll give you a map!

Who’s Coming?
Open from 9-5 on Saturday, June 3 and 9-4 on Sunday, June 4, this year’s demo features ……. It’s still a little too early to release the full list just yet.  Check back here soon for the list.  In the meantime drool over the fact that you will be able to demo top of the line mountain bikes, and new this year DIRT BIKES!


More info coming soon….real soon. Want to bring your brand? Click below for the vendor registration page to grab more info on pricing, load-in information, included amenities and discounts!


The Haymaker Hotlap

A race producer, a LBS owner and a town series champion walk into a bar…  Is this a bad joke or the start of something great?
The outcome of this Mensa meeting is the Haymaker Hotlap.  2 laps on Haymaker time trial style.  Fast lap and fastest 2 laps prizes.  There will be prize money, prize packages, swag and more for each division.  Equally divided men and women.
It will be a race.  There will be prize money.

Come join us in Eagle. Come to race. Stay for the demo, the craft beer, the amazing musical lineup, and most of all, good times with friends.

Register Here Soon!


  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Wear your helmet.
  3. Don’t litter.
  4. Fastest time around haymaker means you have to ride haymaker.  No cutting corners, straight lining descents, etc.
  5. There are passing areas on course.  Tactics of passing are part of the race.  Riders will start in divisional timeframes though so hopefully there is minimal passing needed.
  6. You can attempt the loop as many times as you want on as many bikes as you want but you got to pay for extra attempts.  A discounted price will be available for additional laps.


Yes.  Prizes?  Yes.  More info coming soon!



Course Maps / Profiles

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon

Directions to Starts

Haymaker starts at the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink. There is parking on site or ride from your hotel for a warm up.  1700 Bull Pasture Rd, Eagle, CO 81631


  • Coming soon

On site registration for YOUR event shuts down 45 minutes prior to YOUR start.

Beer Mile & Milk (& Cookies!) Run

4 laps, 4 deliciously cold draughts of Coors or 4 similarly bubbly non-alcoholic facsimiles for the teetotalers (that means non-drinkers). Winners receive a 24-pack of glory, individually packaged in eco-friendly and 100% recyclable 12oz containers.  Which will be sweet. And which will TRUMPET your awesomeness from now until the day you shuffle off your mortal coil. Or until you lose it. Or until the day when one of your pals (in a fit of envy-fueled pique & pettiness) steals it from you. Then the awesome transfers to them (with a bit of a karmic ding).

The beer category is open to runners, ball’rs and bon vivants 21 years or older. Solo and 2-person team categories available. Not 21? Don’t like beer? We’ll have fizzy non-alcoholic drinks on hand for non-drinkers. If you’re 18 or under, sign up for the Milk (& Cookies!) Run.

Howzat work? What’s the Milk and Cookies Run, you ask? Great question! It’s a race for kids 18 and under and broken into teams of 2 or 4. After each lap the runners need to consume one glass of milk (chocolate or regular) and one chocolate chip cookie.

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