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Winter is here.  Time to skate!

Eagle is the home to 3 great ice rinks in the winter months.  The WECMRD Eagle Pool and Ice rink is a fantastic sheet of ice for all types of skating.  It is located at 1700 Bull Pasture Rd, Eagle, CO.  Located in downtown Eagle, there are 2 sheets of ice at the Eagle Town Park.  Wait, what?  Ice rinks in town park?  You don’t remember seeing ice rinks?  Well, they are there now.

Each winter the Eagle Ice Dads, a group of volunteers from town, build and maintain ice rinks right in front of the Centennial Park stage.  These rinks are free to use and open to the public.  Andy Clark is the unofficial leader of the group, and his company Alliance Moving Systems helps foot the bill for some of the materials, storage, etc.

I ran into Andy and Sam this morning putting away the fire hoses from an early morning mission to add more depth to the ice before it opens tomorrow.  They have been working hard over the last few weeks to get the ice ready for the holiday season.  The warm weather last week slowed things down a bit but with the colder temps over the weekend, the ice is about ready.

In true community spirit, there is a jobbox at the park with assorted gear that is free to use.  As its all donated, there are no guarantees about sizes or quantities available but its not too late to ask for some new skates for the holidays.  If you do get a new pair of skates or have some sitting around in your attic, put them to good use and drop them in the jobbox for everyone to enjoy.  Stop by the park most any night for some skating with family, stick and puck work, or just hanging out by the fire pit with friends.

As these rinks are naturally cooled, there may be times that the temperatures do not allow for skating.  To help keep the ice in good shape for as long as possible, please respect the signage around the park regarding closures.  There are also times that the ice is being used for events or tournaments.  We will try our best to have that information on this website, facebook, etc. so you know when the rinks are being used.

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