Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing at the Eagle Ranch Golf Course

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Please see the message below from the Eagle Ranch Golf Course. Be sure to give our majestic winter elk residents a wide berth and clean up after your dogs so we can all enjoy this winter amenity! winter snowshoe lifestyle nordic colleen


We hope that everyone is enjoying winter and the holidays. Eagle Ranch is finally getting enough snow to start packing down trails around the golf course. The snow is still a little too thin to use our groomer, but they are good enough already to use for skiing, snowshoeing and walking.

Eagle Ranch Golf Course Winter Trails are maintained throughout the golf course for winter recreation, including Nordic skiing (classic and skating), snowshoeing and walking.  Approximately six miles of trails are maintained nearly every day from early December through the end of February, as long as snow conditions allow.  The trails can be accessed in several locations around the Eagle Ranch community, but you can also start from the Golf Course Clubhouse where parking and trail maps are provided.  The trails are open to the public and there are no trail fees.  Rental Nordic equipment is not available in Eagle, but you can rent and buy equipment at the Vail Nordic Center.

There are some guidelines that everyone is asked to follow to respect our homeowners adjacent to the course and other users of the trails.

Guidelines for Walkers and Snowshoers:
.  Please consider preserving the trails on Holes 11-16 of the golf course for Skiers by using other parts of the course.
.  Please stay to the side of the trail, which is opposite of the classical ski track and do not walk on the classical ski track.

Other Guidelines for All:
.  Dogs must be on a leash.  Please pick up after your dog.
.  Stay at least 200 yards from any elk.
.  Respect Homeowner property.
.  Stay on established trails.

In addition to the use of the trails, many people use the golf course for other activities in the winter, such as sledding.  If you or your kids are on parts of the golf course other than the trails, please stay off of any roped off areas, which are there to protect the golf course greens and tees.  Stay off of the lakes on the golf course, which may have dangerously thin ice. Parents should always supervise their children during such activities and be careful of potential hazards.

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