Why you must visit the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

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Eagle County Colorado is a well known tourist destination, especially for sports enthusiasts. This is because the incredible physical terrain of the land allows it to be molded to fit the requirements of various outdoor activities like, skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking etc.

Why Eagle

In fact even if you are not much of a sports buff and wish to simply spend a few quiet nights, away from the hustle and bustle of your work life, this is the ideal place for you too. The entire state is marked with comfortable weather, clean and crisp air, sprawling green surroundings and more. In fact it is one of the best places to go vacation with your family; camping under the stars and sharing quality time with your near and dear ones over a roaring campfire and more – is one of the most popular family activities of the town.

They know how to throw a gathering!

But once you are done with the athletics, tending to your adrenaline rush and spending quiet family or personal times, you will discover another recurring feature of the town i.e. its propensity to throw entertaining and widely popular shindigs every now and again. There are tons of such programs arranged every year like the flight days, Eagle Outdoor Festival etc. and the closest one to now, is the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo.

The Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

This county gathering has become a standing tradition for Eagle now as it entered its 75th anniversary year. This is one popular public get-together where all the people i.e. both locals and visitors are equally welcome to partake. There is room for everyone, and something to cater everyone’s interests.

The program itinerary is built to provide you with the authentic fair and rodeo experience, so there are plenty of typical events and activities with tons of carnival style food and beverages, which are also a way to celebrate and showcase local businesses.

Following are the programs and events you can expect at an Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

  • Livestock show,
  • 4-H shows,
  • Tons of carnival rides,
  • As mentioned above numerous carnival style food vendors,
  • Exhibits and contests of various sorts and more.

There will also be the

  • Junior Livestock Auction
  • PRCA Rodeo
  • Buckin’ Brewfest to showcase celebrate the local brews
  • Texaco Country Showdown

These are the bare outlines of the programs you can expect to encounter at the fest. All in all, the event promises a good time to all, and if you are an adult, it will remind you of your childhood happy memories of carnivals and fairs. The visitors who have been to these fairs before, it has been their experience that, the locals have always been some of the friendliest lot they have ever come across. So if you are in town at present or planning to make a trip soon, be sure to visit the fair and rodeo as no matter what your interest be, it is sure to entertain you.

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