All about the upcoming Eagle Wild Mushroom & Wine Festival August 22 – 24

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In the age of shrinking physical distance between nations and under the effect of globalization’s all penetrating touch it is often quite difficult to find something which is hundred percent authentic, rooted in the heart of one particular region. Of course this is not a bad thing, but sometimes it becomes necessary to locate one’s true individuality from the milieu. One sphere of all our lives which can still effortlessly travel between the categories of individual expression or speciality (which is different from the rest of the world, rooted to the habits of a particular region) and the realm of where collective impression and effect weigh heavy on one’s true identity, is that of the culinary practices.

Food and individuality

The culinary practices of any region are one of its truest forms of self expressions. Often they do bear influences from other regions, but today in the age of fusion, food and produce from the international market sometime it is necessary to make something of our own from everything that is our own. In other words make something which celebrates not only our style of cooking but also the very ingredients which are grown indigenously, for it is the very produce of our soil and water which can give even the simplest of dishes a distinctive flavour. To celebrate this very thought and spirit Eagle rejoices the ‘Eagle Wild Mushroom & Wine Festival’.


Eagle Wild Mushroom & Wine Festival August 22 – 24

Moving into its seventh year, the Eagle wild mushroom and wine festival is a celebration of the local produce. Started in 2007 as a mere educational endeavour on the local varieties of mushrooms, today the program has expanded into a full blown celebration involving, food, drinks and general merrymaking. It is a real treat for those looking for a quick getaway and pampering their taste buds.

Program itinerary

This year’s program features creation of the most delectable dishes and feasts by a few choice chefs from Eagle itself and the ingredients they use are predominantly local and provincial produce and local mushrooms and wild edibles, foraging for different types of uncultivated edibles and mushrooms, edifying visitors  on mushrooms and different kinds of natural edibles.

Moving from such meals, there will also be wine and beer tasting and all of these begin with a Friday night street party, the location- downtown Eagle, along with the party there is also a bonfire, mushroom tasting, drinks and other specialities on offer. The party is followed by numerous other activities stretched over the weekend for all attendees until Sunday afternoon. The events include apart from the grand banquets, educational discussion and seminars, foraging etc.

The program revolves around the central theme of experimenting with the local produce, so an element of innovation is a big part of it. All in all the entire weekend is one of those must do’s especially for the food lovers among us. For further information on the event and the date of ticket sale, you can visit sites like

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