Adventure galore in Eagle Colorado

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If you’re looking for a great family vacation Colorado delivers big time. Kids of all ages (that includes the big kids we affectionately call ‘adults’) will have an amazing time. To say an adventure awaits round every corner is perhaps an understatement.

The great outdoors

The great outdoors, camping under the stars, hunting and fishing are all ingrained in the American psyche. These activities play an important part in the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and are as a result of the dynamic spirit, tenacity and adventurous undertakings of our collective forefathers.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities Colorado is blessed with the natural backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Families of all abilities and mix of ages are able to take part in any of the following activities:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Trail running
  • All terrain biking
  • White water rafting

If you’re a novice to any of the above, the facilities in and around the town of Eagle CO have professional guides. You’ll start out on the easy runs all under the watchful eye of certificated and accredited professionals. Of course, hiking is something anyone can do; all you need is a map, a compass and some sturdy footwear and suitable hiking gear and you’ll be able to take the kids on an exciting adventure in uncharted territory.

Adventure galore

Moms and dads with an ear for a story can take the kids on an adventure seeking out long lost hoards of buried treasure. On the other hand, searching for the lair of the fabled ‘ice dragon’ or hunting down the pirates who have kidnapped a fairy princess can easily be woven round a trek through the hundreds of trails which criss-cross the local area around Eagle.

Other outdoor recreation Colorado is able to boast, especially in the winter months are:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross country skiing

Less adventurous pursuits

If you’re in to less adventurous pursuits but still love a challenge, tennis, golf and other modern day sports facilities are in abundance. Additionally, if you love fishing you’ll love the area around Eagle. Sylvan Lake, Nolan Lake and Lake Charles are just three superb locations for making a cast. You’re sure to catch something; however, if you don’t manage to catch anything, the peaceful pastime of sting on the lake shore will ease away your stress from everyday life.

Other activities on offer, all of which benefit from trained professional guides are scenic drives in and around the valleys surrounding Eagle, all off the beaten track. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular backdrop of the Rockies, and don’t forget to bring your camera with you.

Blink and you could miss some of the amazing wildlife. You’re likely to spot eagles soaring on the air currents. Foxes, squirrels, brown and black bear also often make a showing, but keep your eyes peeled for some surprises.

All in all, if you love the great outdoors you’ll love Eagle, the trails, the rivers and lakes all set against a backdrop which, if they were here today, our forefathers would be all too familiar.

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