“Connecting the heart of Eagle to the soul of the river!”

The River Park project will take the Town of Eagle’s recreation opportunities to the next level! Once complete, Eagle will have a world class whitewater park drawing visitors, athletes, and events from around the nation…but that’s not all. The town of Eagle is focused on creating the best park possible for the community.

This park will serve all members of the community with amenities for all ages, abilities, and recreation interests reaching from Chambers park through the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Grounds. Achieving this goal is a big feat, and each component requires a specific set of technical knowledge, collaboration, and creativity.

The project is being design and constructed in two primary phases, the Whitewater Park and the Upland Park. Each of these pieces has a unique set of parameters. See the images below for an overview of what each phase includes. Additional detail is included in the tabs above!

Whitewater design and engineering firm, S2O Design, has been working over the past year on the design of the whitewater features for the future whitewater park in Eagle!

The images below reflect the design and engineering as of January 2017, which is 95% complete. A recap of the River Park Boaters Meeting on Jan 19th can be found on the Eagle Outside Blog HERE. Great feedback was received and the final design will reflect additional tweaks based on that feedback.

The whitewater park will feature waves, eddies, chutes, and drops that are fun to tube and float during low water times, but will gain in size and power as the flows increase. At higher flows this otherwise tame section of the Eagle River will feature large waves that kayakers and SUPers can surf and play on.  The features will be ideal for competitions and festivals as well an afternoon surf after work.  The project adjusts the configuration of the existing diversion structure and creates four new wave features (Drops 1-4).

The Diversion
The structure creates what is formerly the “Rodeo Hole” located at the upstream reach of the whitewater park. The feature is currently three drop structures that can create a large hole at some flows that flips rafts. There are also undercut areas on the river left in this area. The new design creates a roughened riffle that will be extended from the point of diversion downstream at a 1.5% grade in this area to decrease the current risk.  The caves will be filled with rock and the diversion itself will be a small arched structure that is inundated at higher flows.

The Bypass
The future whitewater park features referred to as Drops 1 and 2 have a bypass channel aligned next to them that will allow boaters and tubers to bypass these first two features to the left.  The bypass channel provides a calm route around the largest of the four features that are being created and also creates a pathway back upstream for fish that migrate through this reach of the river.

Full sets of engineering drawings and specifications of the features are available for review at the Town of Eagle Community Development Department, or electronically upon request. Please contact Tom Boni at tomboni@townofeagle.org or 970-328-9619.

The Upland Park component of the River Park project includes Chambers Park and park improvements north of the river in an area that is currently the truck parking gravel lot along the frontage road of I-70.

The town of Eagle has selected civil engineering firm, Alpine Engineering, and landscape architecture/architecture firm, Zehren and Associates, to design the Upland Park area and create a seamless transition between park amenities on the banks with whitewater access and activities in the water. The design of the park will start in January 2017 and is expected to be complete in the fall of 2017.

All community members and stakeholders are encouraged to attend the Public Input Gatherings to help shape the design of the park. The first meeting is February 23rd at Brush Creek Pavilion from 6-8pm. This page will be updated with meeting recaps and information on the design progress after each meeting.

The River Park includes two main phases, the in-stream whitewater park and the upland park.

The whitewater park includes the in-stream whitewater features as well as improvements and vegetation of the unshaded areas pending possible property acquisition.

The upland park design area includes Chambers Park, the current gravel parking area, and a connection to the pedestrian bridge through the Fair and Rodeo grounds.

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