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The town of Eagle and the Alpine/Zehren design team are ramping up for a robust public outreach process that will begin in February 2017! The process will include three public input gatherings throughout the winter and spring as well as a set of meetings with the Steering Committee. These meetings will be held at various locations around town with the support of local businesses and volunteers. Each meeting will gather input from the public as the design of the project progresses.

Updated Park Plans Coming SOON!

The Town Board of Trustees gave the River Park design team direction to move forward with Upland Park designs without encroaching on the Johnson and House property (Barnes Ranch). Changes in the site plan include a new alignment for the park entrance planned on the east end of the site. The design team has been hard at work with this direction and are excited to receive public comment on the revised plans. Plans will be posted here for review and comment. Community members can submit comments through the website or in person at the Eagle River Jam and the Eagle Outside Festival as we kick off the summer. Come check us out and tell us what you think!

Saturday, June 3 – Grab a plate of BBQ and play a game with us at the Eagle River Jam in Chambers Park, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. |

Sunday, June 4 – Wrap up a great Eagle Outside Festival weekend at Eagle Ranch Village, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Can’t make a meeting?
Not to worry! Post-meeting recaps and materials will be posted on the Park Design page in a timely manner for everyone to view. If you have comments or questions on the overall project, please submit those by clicking the button on the right side of this page and we will get them to our design team! Specific feedback on each public meeting can be submitted in the link provided on the Park Design page.

The Steering Committee is a group of representatives from a variety of stakeholder groups including citizens, property owners, boaters, business owners, and civic partners. This group is charged with guiding the design process to ensure that input received from the public and the perspectives of the stakeholder groups are considered and incorporated into the design.

Click Here for a list of Steering Committee members.

Committee Happenings
The first steering committee meeting was held on January 23rd. Committee members oriented themselves to the scope of the project and even had a “homework assignment” from the design team. The assignment was to take a list of “priority” elements of the River Park design and place them into three tiers by order of importance. Through this exercise, a set of guiding principles emerged that were present in multiple stakeholder assignment responses.

Guiding Principles for Eagle River and Chambers Parks Design
(in no particular order)

  • Eagle River Park needs to focus on whitewater uses first and foremost, and not duplicate park amenities and programs that already exist in Eagle at other parks.
  • Chambers Park is more appropriate for many of the park program uses contemplated and needs to be designed hand in hand with Eagle River Park.
  • The Parks need to be programmed and designed for the primary user groups including local and destination river users, commercial river guides, and river based events.
  • The new park(s) need to connect to downtown and help stimulate economic growth by creating a cohesive experience, and allow for a long- term ‘return on the investment’ tax payers are making.
  • The new parks need to incorporate strong river ethics including education on river safety, environment, ecology, and history.
  • The parks must be planned and designed consistent with long range plans including future connections and land uses and must not preclude future pedestrian and vehicular routes.
  • Chambers Park boat ramp needs better staging, traffic circulation, parking and rely on Eagle River Park as support for parking and events.
  • The design of the parks must incorporate native and drought tolerant landscaping, riparian vegetation, and a sustainable storm water management system.

Read the full meeting recap on the Eagle Outside Blog…or CLICK HERE!

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